3. Settling in

3.2 Childcare and Education

Israel has a well-developed pre-school educational system, including creches and day-care centers, as well as private caretakers, for infants and toddlers, nursery school and pre-kindergarten and kindergarten (private or partly private.
Compulsory free education begins at age 5. Although primary and secondary education is generally free, most schools require a nominal annual payment to cover incidental expenses.

School Year Calendar:
Elementary schools - September 1st - June 30th
Secondary schools (usually from grade 7) - September 1st - June 20th
Many creches continue through early August, and most are closed during the last two weeks of August. Summer camps or summer sessions are almost always private, and require payment.
If you have school-aged children, it is advisable to consult the Service Center, as early registration may be necessary.