2. Social/Medical Services

2.1 Social Security

The Israeli National Insurance Institute has signed international social security conventions, in order to ensure the protection of social security rights of a person who moves from one country to another, and to avoid dual insurance payments. Visitors from these countries may be eligible for benefits, or may continue to accrue rights, during their stay in Israel under the terms of these agreements.
However, each case is considered on its own merits and dependent on the relevant agreement provisions.
A researcher from a country with a bilateral convention with Israel, should pay social security fees either in his home country or in Israel, according to the specifications of the respective convention. By presenting a certificate from his country's social security institute, proving that he is insured there, the researcher will be exempt from payment of social security fees in Israel.
Payment of Social Security fees in Israel depends on the status of the researcher:

Researchers who receive a scholarship
They are in a status of a student; therefore, they are not employees of the university and do not receive a salary from the university. Since receiving a salary is a parameter for social security rights, they are not entitled for social security rights as employees. These researchers should pay their Social Security fees independently in Israel (unless they come from a convention country and choose to continue paying their Social Security fees in their home country).

Researchers who receive a salary or a stipend for living expenses in the framework of professional training (post-doctoral students)
They are considered as employees of the university, therefore they are entitled for social security rights as employees. The university deducts the social security fee from their salary (unless they come from a convention country and choose to continue paying their Social Security fees in their home country).

Senior researchers
They are sent by an overseas university, and continue receiving their salary from the university and are considered as "positioned workers" by the National Insurance Institute, therefore they are exempt from payment.

Specific Insurance:

Work injury
According to Israel's National Security law and according to a multilateral social security convention which Israel, among other countries, signed, any worker, whether from a convention country or not, is insured against work injury.

Maternity Insurance
Who is entitled for Hospitalization Grant, Maternity Grant and Birth Allowance? Employee or self-employed woman working in Israel or the wife of an employee or self-employed person, working in Israel for at least 6 months immediately preceding the birth, even if not residents of Israel, provided she gave birth in Israel.

Entitlement for children payment varies according to the specific bilateral convention.

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